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Less aggressive with lower arch support features

Pain relief from heel to toe

Maintainers focus on maintaining the arch infrastructure. These products are designed to help improve your normal phases of gait in a variety of ways and offer comfort-enhancing arch support for all day relief.

Good Feet® Maintainer products are perfect for dress shoes, high heels and athletic activities. They offer versatility and are designed to provide immediate comfort

Good Feet Maintainers

Flexibility Scale

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Designed to support all four arches with a material that flexes with the foot during gait or even high-impact sports.

  • flex
  • Flex

  • flex leather
  • Flex


Supports all four arches in a configuration designed to promote stability and balance.

  • mid flex
  • Mid-Flex

  • mid flex leather
  • Mid-Flex

  • deluxe leather
  • Deluxe

  • deluxe leather plus
  • Deluxe


Designed to up to the most hard surfaces and maintain the alignment of even the highest or most flexible arches.

  • miracle
  • Miracle

  • miracle ultra
  • Miracle

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Good Feet Products

The 3-Step System

Good Feet has developed a unique 3-Step System of personally fitted arch supports to allow you to have the support you need from sun up to well past sun down–in whatever you want to wear, whenever you want to wear it.

The 3-Step System includes a pair of Strengtheners, Maintainers, and Relaxers, and each is available in a wide range of flexibilities - extra firm to soft. Thereby promoting maximum comfort, performance, and versatility to fit the needs of every foot and every lifestyle.

See how the Good Feet 3-Step System feels for you. Every one of our stores offers a free, personalized fitting. You can just walk in to any store, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment click here

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Step 1: Strenghteners
Improving foot alignment

Strenghteners are designed to exercise
and strengthen the muscles, tendons, and
ligaments of the feet—repositioning them to
their optimal position. These arch supports
help to alleviate foot pain, and improve
balance and skeletal alignment.


Step 2: Maintainers
Maintaining foot alignment

Maintainers focus on maintaining the arch
infrastructure that the Strengtheners may
have established. Their moderately
aggressive support is designed to provide
all-day comfort and pain relief benefits.


Step 3: Relaxers
Foot freedom, the healthy way

Relaxers are designed to do just what their 
name implies. They offer a rest period from
the alignment work provided by the other
arch supports–all the while continuing to
support the arches of the foot.

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View our digital brochure and learn all about how the Good Feet Store can help you.